Produced by Jose Manuel Medina


This album written, performed and produced by Jose Manuel Medina, is a tribute to the music of greek maestro Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, better known as Vangelis.

The album tries to recreate the atmospheres and musical textures of the Greek maestro from the personal perspective of the Spanish composer and producer of Eterniy project. In the words of Jose Manuel, "it is a tribute to one of the most outstanding contemporary musical geniuses".

At present, many musicians and composers are clearly influenced by the music of Vangelis. Jose Manuel grew up listening to his music and always considered him one of his most notable influences when composing music.

Vangelis is famous for his fantastic soundtracks for films such as "Blade Runner", "1492, Conquest Of Paradise" or "Chariots of Fire". However, he has had an extensive career composing and producing experimental and futuristic music, being practically a pioneer in the genre.

When listening to this album, Vangelis music lovers will find some of its most classic sounds, performed with the synthesizers and samplers of the seventies and eighties, mixed with more modern sounds incorporated by Jose Manuel with his personal touch.

More than 70 minutes of music in an album of 14 songs available on CD or digital download.


01. Dreamers

02. Tears In The Rain

03. Solstice

04. Aria

05. Angels

06. Beyond

07. Moon Garden

08. Celestial Soul

09. Dawn

10. Electric Cafe

11. Dementia

12. Blue

13. Final Frontier

14. Dancing Beneath the Moonlight

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