Produced by Jose Manuel Medina
Machines will be available on CD very soon


The future. Human beings depend on machines. A new world structured by cybernetic rules. The productive means are based on robots. Biotechnology has created machines capable of creating and having feelings. The robots begin to look too much like their creators.

This is the main plot of this album. The music composed by Jose Manuel Medina, transports us to a futuristic world that has nothing to do with the past centuries. Replete with processed electronic sounds and mechanical rhythmic patterns, this album represents the composer's most avant-garde work.

More than 70 minutes of music in an album of 12 songs available on CD or digital download.


01. Movement 1: Rise Of The Machines

02. Movement 2: Don't Stop Technology

03. Movement 3: Born from Science

04. Movement 4: Army Of Machines

05. Movement 5: Evolution

06. Movement 6: Arcadia

07. Movement 7: The Night Of The Machines

08. Movement 8: The Great Computer

09. Movement 9: Romance Between Two Robots

10. Movement 10: Escape from Eureka

11. Movement 11: Aluminium Dreams

12. Movement 12: Metamorphosis


13. Night Life

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