Eternity is a project created by the Spanish composer Jose Manuel Medina in 2018 to develop his electronic, new age and ambient music compositions. Jose Manuel has been experimenting with synthesizers and samples since 1996, including some recordings on albums by the Last Knight project. However, after the publication of the album Talking To The Moon in 2016, he felt it appropriate to concentrate all his creative work in the field of electronic music on a new project, and thus Eternity was born.

His sources of inspiration in this field are very diverse, but his greatest affinity is with Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, true pioneers of electronic music. The first work that captivated him was Ignacio, a Vangelis soundtrack from the seventies. Later, Rendez-Vous, by Jean Michel Jarre was a great source of inspiration due to its sonic magnificence.

But they have not been his only sources of inspiration, in his music you can find reminiscences of Thierry Fervant, Richard Burmer, Jan Hammer, Mike Oldfield, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Michael Danna, Neuronium, David Arkenstone, Giorgio Moroder, Enigma and others.

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